IMPORTANT NOTICE: Field Closures for Council Maintenance

Oval 2 will be closed from 1st November 2021 to the 1st December 2021.

The Main Oval will be closed from 8th December 2021 to the 31st January 2022.


Upcoming Events



Saturday 13th November at 12noon


Your club will be holding its AGM on November 13th at 12pm this year. We would love to see you there. It is vital that we have representatives from each team that are not the coaches or managers. We will also be combining our AGM with a farewell drink for Barry who, as you may know, is stepping down as Chairman after four incredibly important years for our club. 


Barry has overseen a period of wonderful success for our club, gained the confidence of the council in allowing us to take full lease responsibility over our facilities, overseen growth of our womens, junior and youth teams as well as seeing our men’s team being invited to move to Division 1 in 2022 as a result of the boys winning three flags in a row. Barry has done so much for our playing group, community and club and I would love to see as many as possible come for an hour or so at midday and attend the quick AGM and then share a drink with him.


A separate (10 or 15 minute) meeting needs to be held to ratify the constitution changes passed in July of 2020. We need to ratify this now by a show of hands just prior to the AGM. The highlights for the changes to the constitution are now in place however it needs to be ratified just before this AGM while Barry is still in the chair - they are:

  1. Removal of all references to the Caboolture Lions Australian Football Sports Club and replacing all references with the Moreton Bay Lions Australian Football Sports Club
  2. Council handing over the responsibility of all Board appointments to the club and not being involved itself anymore.
  3. If a Board vacancy becomes available during the season, the Board can add a person to the board as a substitute and if that person is paid by the club they will continue to be paid until the next AGM. At the next AGM that person can be voted in by the members as a Board member, but must relinquish any paid work for the club to avoid any conflict of interest.
  4. The end of the FY is now September 30th and not the end of June as this date better covers the time period of our activities at the club.

I very much look forward to seeing you all there to celebrating Barry’s efforts as he steps down with your attendance at the AGM for an hour or so. Bring the kids to play outside as the bar will be open for a couple of hours as will the canteen.



Moreton Bay AFL 9s

Our 9-A-Side Competition is now taking team nominations


To nominate your team - Click Here


Details are as follows:-

Games will be played on Tuesday nights from October the 19th 

with the final round on the 7th December 2021.

3 mixed competitions - Junior, Intermediate and Open Division 1.

A maximum of 18 teams (6 per competition) will be decided on a first in first considered process.

3 Junior Games at 6pm, 3 Intermediate Games at 6:45pm and 3 Open Division 1 Games at 7:30pm.